Aluminum profiles

EN-AW 6060

Type: ALMgSi 0.5
Max Strength: F22

Alloy 6060 is the most widely used for aluminum extrusion due to high ability of hot deformation, which allows to obtain complex shape and precise geometric dimensions. It provides very high surface quality, that makes it suitable for any finishing processing, including anodizing in complex colors. Profiles from this alloy are mostly used in architecture: facades, windows, doors, translucent structures. 6060 finds application when there are no special requirements for the strength of the alloy.

EN-AW 6063

Type: ALMgSi 0.5
Max Strength: F25

Alloy 6063 has similar characteristics to 6060, but the maximum strength and corrosion resistance are slightly higher. It extends the application, so that 6063 is used both for architectural and general industrial profiles. Good formability allows to obtain complex shape and precise geometric dimensions. 6063 high surface quality provides the opportunity for various types of finishing.

EN-AW 6005A

Type: ALMgSi 0.7
Max Strength: F27

A medium strength alloy 6005A is used in general engineering for the manufacture of bearing structural components. 6063А applications include elements of trailers, load structures in the electric power industry and stairs. Due to higher strength 6063A alloy obtains less formability. It limits complexity of shape and dimensions precision.

Own remelt production makes it possible to guarantee the quality of the metal and offer customized solutions for 6060, 6063 and 6005A alloys. All VMK alloys comply with EN 753. Moreover, chemical composition of the alloys can be adapted to the particular needs of a client. Thus, VMK profiles obtain exact strength properties expected.


VMK runs two automized extrusion lines based on Presezzi presses (Italy) 18MN (7’) and 28MN (9'). The technological capabilities are presented in the table below. In case your profile differs from those indicated in the table, you can always contact us. We will do our best to find an effective solution.

Parameter Value Value
Press capacity 18 МN 28 МM
Billet dia 178 mm (7') 228 mm (9')
Circumscribe circle
Solid profiles 165 mm 295 mm
Hollow profiles 125 mm 280 mm
Cooling Air Air
0,2 kg/m - 5 kg/m up to 14 kg/m*
Commercial length 2-8 m 2-8 m

* - approval required.